[Blithe] Patting Splash Mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey 150ml


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- A no-touch scrub that eliminates unnecessary dead skin cells and various skin wastes without stimulating the skin. - Contains lemon and honey extracts with rich vitamin C to make your skin clear and bright with hypo-allergenic care of dead skin cells. - Vitalizes and hydrates the sensitive skin with rich vitamins, brightening the dull and dark skin tone clearly.

No-touch scrub

Daily, non-irritating exfoliation for the morning or evening

Nourishing facial cleansing

Smart cleansing with facial cleansing + skincare

Soothing facial cleansing

Calms skin problems with green tea's green energy

How to use

Take a cap-full of the mask(7ml), mix the mask and water in a 1:100 ratio(approx. 700ml) in the sink/basin, wash the face lightly for 15 seconds, and dry the skin.


Citrus / Honey

- illuminate the skin - moisturize the skin texture

Lactic Acid

- dead skin cells and impurities skin-friendly foam.

60% blend of fruit extracts

AHA water-soluble exfoliating component

A pleasant orange tree-lined fragrance